Benefits of Becoming a Member

Discounted Website

NAMO is partnered with KRR Web Design to offer custom website’s for all our members. This allows you to take advantage of their services to improve your current website, or, if you don’t have one yet or just starting out, they can help you get everything running. They also offer printing and marketing services. Their studio also houses two commercial lasers that can engrave and cut wood, metal, plastic, tumblers, promotional material and much more.


NAMO membership brings you closer to building good business relationships with some of the industry’s most experienced motorcoach travel and tourism people.

NAMO offers opportunities for developing strong business relationships through networking meetings with other NAMO members at events as well as communications through the newsletter and website.

Professional Ethics

Every Operator member must sign the NAMO Code of Ethics, which says that NAMO members aspire to highest professional standards in the industry treating customers and other members with honesty, integrity, and accuracy; that they will conduct business in such a manner as to promote the industry; and that they will maintain current status for all license, permits, and operating authority required by federal, state, and local government agencies applicable to the industry. Members have the right to display the NAMO logo on company business forms, communications, and advertisements.

Monthly Video Calls

NAMO Member are welcome to join in on the monthly ZOOM call to gain insight into what’s going on in the industry during this unprecedented time and catch up with other members.

Monthly E-Newsletter

Operator members and associate (vendor) members stay current with NAMO’s weekly newsletter featuring the latest regulatory news, briefs on important legislative developments, coach industry news, and informative travel and tourism information.

Website Listing

Every NAMO member has a web link on the NAMO website making our members easy to find and a valuable resource for the computer savvy customer to find our members. In addition, it creates easy access for communication among members.

Annual Conference

A great opportunity in the motorcoach industry, the conference brings operator buyers, , and Motorcoach industry sellers from all over the United States together for the purpose of gaining insight into our association. Discounted Membership Registration

Other State Associations

NAMO maintains a relationship with other National & State motorcoach associations and tourism entities through meetings and regular communications to stay up to date on issues affecting our members.

Contant Contact Discount

Members receive 20% off a 6-month prepayment or 25% off a 12-month prepayment!

Free Legal

Members are entitled, to two telephone consultations, or one in-person meeting, with NAMO’s General Council Franklin & Prokopik, on a courtesy basis.

On-Line Membership Directory

Printed Membership Directory

Mentoring Program

NAMO offer’s a professional mentoring program whereby new members and entrants to the industry will have access to a dedicated mentor to assist in the daily questions and concerns that arise from operating a Motorcoach company.

Legislative Representation

With a local office in the DC Metro area NAMO has the capability to make visits on the Hill in DC to address members concerns on the legislative field

On-Line Advertising Opportunities

With numerous advertising opportunities supplier members have the capability to connect with NAMO Members and Non-Members when they visit the NAMO Website

Critical Membership Alerts Eblast Notifications

As the NAMO Office receives critical industry alerts we have the capability of delivering them directly to you email inbox for you to review and act as needed.

Discounts on Employee Healthcare Program through Healthy-Halo: An ABA Affiliate

  • Members both large and small can now offer benefits to them to their full-time, part-time, seasonal and non-benefit eligible employees with a full spectrum of healthcare solutions, ranging from: 
  • Individual supplemental benefits, such as cancer, critical illness, dental, vision, disability, etc. Employees see these as an important part of a benefits plan with 88% of employees viewing supplemental benefits as part of a comprehensive benefits package. 
  • Free, non-insurance benefits including discounts on prescriptions, dental, vision, and more. 
  • NAMO Members can provide their employees with free access to a licensed Benefits Advisor that will shop and compare options for them, help them qualify for financial assistance from the government and select the supplemental benefits that make the most sense for their situation. 
  • Modern HealthSharing Plans that cost up to 50% less than traditional individual/family health insurance. Both traditional and alternative group medical plans with minimal participation requirements and nominal employer funding. 

Discount Program with Bus Advisors for Critical Pre-Audit Checkup

Bus Advisors has created the ability to manage your safety and compliance departments virtually in their Charlotte office. Part of what they will offer to NAMO Members is a $500.00 credit for a pre-audit checkup when they hire Bus Advisors to do a typical two-day pre-audit checkup. The normal cost of this service is $2000. Check out their webpage at


24/7/365 Emergency Contact Availability

Active Caring Board Members